Club Med Cherating 6 – The attraction of the Eco Village and Zen Pool at Pantai beach

During my stay in Club Med Cherating, one of the most attracting things are “Eco Village” concept of the resort, and “Zen Pool” for only adults.

When you see the logo of Club Med Cherating, you can see the lizard and shelf fish. It means here is the nature friendly eco resort. I can see the this lizard easily in the village.

Also there are some unique activities in Club Med Cherating. One of this is called “Treetop”. This is only for here, among the world of Club Med resorts.


It is a 10-minute activity to climb on the tree, move on the trees and return to the starting point.

Also, it is located in the jungle of the outback town relative to other Club Med resorts, so there are many opportunities to meet wild animals in the village. We can found animals in the village such as monkeys and lizards.

Monkeys can be seen very often. They are not afraid of men, so they do not run away and sometimes threaten us.

The distance between the accommodation and main pool is so wide therefore guest needs to walk a lot to move. During the moving, you can easily see the monkeys on roofs, balustrades, or balconies. On the first day, GO  notified to the guest that when we leave the room we should lock the door and window. Because sometimes monkeys came into the room and they bring guest’s luggage.

There was a notice in the village that do not feed the monkeys.

As I was staying here, I saw monkeys appearing in the main pool and rummaging the belongings of tourists on the beach bed. These monkeys are no longer fearful of people.

I also saw a large lizard near the village. His unique step was so cute and my baby liked it.

The relaxing in the nature is the concept of Club Med Cherating.

Another favorite at Club Med was the Zen Pool, an adult-only swimming pool. It is located on the Pantai beach, about 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

For moving Zen Pool, I need to ride this mini trem. It is routing every 30 minute.

Zen Pool was one of the most impressive area. Among my visited experience of Infinite Pool, here is really good. It was very nice place to take a rest without children. You can take your children to Mini Club.

The size of the pool is not large. The depth of water is around 1.2 meters. But it is enough to swim and enjoy.

Next to the Zen Pool, there was a beach bed where you could lie down and relax to watch the ocean view. I was lying here and watching the clear sky. It was very enjoy the relaxation. Feel free to spend my time relaxing with a book and forgetting all your anxieties.

With a cup of drink at Zen pool, you can feel the ultimate freedom.

On the other side of the beach, there was a sailing and canoeing activities can be done. I tried to sail. It was so exciting.

For adults, sailing and canoeing is available from 2pm to 4pm, so after lunch you can come here and meet the schedule for a sailing or canoeing.

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