Club Med Cherating 5 – Fireflies tour in Cherating

While staying at Club Med Cherating Beach, I did two tour – baby turtle release and a firefly tour.

This time, I will write about the firefly tour that I checked out the day before.

Firefly tour starts at 7 pm and returns at 9 pm. I made reservations at an outside travel center located near the main restaurant. It was quite popular. I booked the tour the day before for the next day. The price is 120 MYR for adult and 110 MYR for child.

Cherating Fireflies Tour from Trip Advisor

Information that you have found on the Internet after you have traveled is an adult 35 MYR and a child 25 MYR if you make an appointment directly from an outside tourist center. I feel that the price inside the Club Med is VERY expensive.

As soon as the main restaurant opened at 6:45 this afternoon, I ate dinner and went to a firefly tour. The bus was waiting in the lobby at 7:10 am.

If you take a firefly tour for about 20 minutes by car and arrive at the fireflies tour center, here you will find a brief description of how to tour the fireflies. The guide explained like this – Do not turn on the lights during the tour (including camera and cell phone). Especially, fireflies are insects therefore do not spray mosquito repellent otherwise they don’t come near us.

Approximately 20 people ride on a boat and climb up the river for about 10 minutes.

The fireflies gathered and drove the boat near the lush tree, and began collecting fireflies. It was strange when the guide turned the red light, and the fireflies flocked. Suddenly a bunch of fireflies appear with these little lights as the lights approach the dim mangrove rivers.

It was the first time in life to see so many fireflies. It seems to be the joy of traveling to try these new experiences. Some say it was like watching a movie avatar. The scene in which dozens of fireflies flickered at me in the light was my first experience in life.

Suddenly the shower came on the way and we came back a little sooner than planned. It was at 8:10 pm when I got back from the resort at 7:15 pm and when I got on the boat, I got back to Club Med after 8:40 pm and I watched the fireflies for about 20-30 minutes . It is a great sightseeing and very impressive. But the time was short, it felt so expensive. I tried to do it here because I wanted to do something like this.

Fireflies live only around uncontaminated clear waters, nowadays it is difficult to see the fireflies in Korea unless go deep into the countryside. So it was the first experience for our family.

Thanks to the fact that I returned to the resort earlier than expected, the main restaurant is still opened, so I took a simple drink and ice cream and ate more.

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