Club Med Cherating 4 – Baby tortoise release in Kuantan beach

During a few days at Club Med, I spend time playing with my family at the village and swimming pool during daytime, eating delicious food, and watching the spectacular performances of the GOs every evening. If you are staying at Club Med, I suggest you should stay for at least a week, not 3 or 4 days package.

However, when I stayed only in the village, I decided to go outside because I want to see outside of village and Malaysian environment. One GO recommend that two of the most popular tours are “baby tortoise release” and “firefly tour”.

First of all, I would like to introduce of baby tortoise release.

When you apply for a Club Med outside tour, the price is 160 RMB for adults and 120 RMB for children. I think this is so expensive than tourist agency of the outside. If you can, let’s try to book with outside of travel agency by yourself.

The tortoise tour was scheduled to go out village at 5:30 pm, release baby tortoise and go back to village around 7:30 am and have dinner.

Travel to the Club Med lobby for about 20 minutes to the beach near Chreating Beach.

Here is the saving center of tortoise. There are several turtle decorating.

Exhibit baby turtoise

Here is the turtle hatchery. Each sign indicate when turtles lay eggs and when they will hatch.

This guide explain us about turtle hatching.

The tortoise starts to crawl out in the ground.

There was a rake on the legs of the turtle. Even though he is a young baby, his movement is so active.

As you can see from the Youtube, the young turtle moves faster than my expectation in the sand and crawls toward the sea.

The tortoise tour was a little short, but it was meaningful to see the tortoise crawling towards the sea and disappearing into the waves. I came with the children and I think that they made money because they made good memories for the children.

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