Dresden – Zwinger, Old town

Beautiful Elbe river flowing across the city.
Goethe called here is “the balcony of Europe”.
We bought sausages for 2.5 euros from the streets near river. I sat down on the banks of the river and watched the riverside. Sometimes it is necessary without doing nothing and feel free like this.

River Elbe. The white structure in front of the white building is concert hall.

Augustine Bridge of the Elbe River

Here is Bubba Terrace, which is called “Terrace of Europe”

The highlight of the Dresden Old Town trip is the Dresden Palace (Zwinger Palace). It is the most famous Baroque masterpiece in Dresden.

Here is the inside of the Zwinger Palace.
The palace is also rebuilt the bombing during World War. There is a jewelery and weapon museum inside the palace, which entrance cost is about 10 euros. I did not go to the museum because of the tightness of the itinerary.

Fountain in the garden of Zwinger

The front yard and garden of the palace is perfectly symmetrical.

A picture of the old downtown area of Dresden.

I walked to the new city area after leaving the palace. There were many people who traded flea market and seating. On the streets, they sell beer for 2.5 euros.

Inside of the Church of the Lady

Many people told the night view of Dresden was very beautiful, but I could not see. Maybe next time…

Sunset of Dresden from the terrace of the Elbe river.

Dresden is not so accessible because it is too far from Frankfurt airport and 2 hours by car from Berlin. In fact, the city is not big, so there is not much to see and do. However, I feel when I look at the church and the river Elbe, I felt so romantic and peaceful.

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