Dresden – Dresden Frauenkirche, Cathedral

Dresden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.
It is the third largest Eastern German city, follow by East Berlin & Leipzig. Also it is heritage capital city of the old Sachsen republic.

Dresden is famous for being the most severely damaged city of World War II. In February 1945, during three days of bombard killed 40,000 people and the city was completely destroyed.

It is the golden statue of Frid Augusti II, one of the most famous king in the Sachsen republic.

This is a sightsee of Dresden. The Elbe river flow the city. Dresden cathedral and the Frauenkirche church is seen.

Dresden Frauenkirche is the landmark of Dresden. It is called a beautiful masterpiece of Baroque style. It was rebuilt after destroyed by the bombing during World War II.

Günter Blobel, a German-born American, saw the original Church as a boy when his refugee family took shelter in a town just outside Dresden days before the city was bombed. In 1994, he became the founder and president of the nonprofit “Friends of Dresden, Inc.”, a US organization dedicated to supporting the reconstruction. In 1999, Blobel won the Nobel Prize for medicine and donated the around US$1 million of total prize to the organization for the restoration of Dresden, to the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche and the building of a new synagogue. It was the single largest individual donation to the project.

The postcard of Dresden in the souvenir shop.

In the city, a horse-drawn carriage was running for tourists. The fares are 10 euros per person.

It is a statue of a famous religious and politician, Martin Luther, who led the Reformation.

You see a black brick among the wall. This is the original bricks which used in the ruins during reconstruction. The Dresden Frauenkirche was originally built of sandstone. It turns dark as time goes.

The Dome of the Frauenkirche is called the symbol of Dresden.

The black stone is the original dome of the Church of Our Lady of Dresden. It was exhibited in front of the church.

The murals of that wall represent the famous noble family of the Republic of Saxony and the people of the royal family. It is a precious ceramics artwork.

Dresden cathedral

I traveled with a Korean guide. We paid for 130 euros per person for a day trip. It felt so expensive. This price was not included lunch and museum entrance.

The city was very beautiful and was worth to visit but due to expensive tour, I felt some dissatisfaction.

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