Berlin City Tour – Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie (Der Checkpoint Charlie) is the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during German divide.

When East Berlin and West Berlin were divided, there was a checkpoint between East Berlin and West Berlin. There were several checkpoints from West Berlin to East Berlin and East Germany, but here is the only place that foreigners could pass through. It is now a tour attraction place to remember the German division and the Cold War.

Here is the US military base in Check Point .
It is located in the middle of the road. Current one is just for a replica for tourist. The original building was sent to the Allied Museum in Berlin after unification.

Checkpoint Charlie’s entrance has a big sign like above, which are a picture of the Soviet army on one side and a picture of the American army on the other side. It symbolically shows that the US and Soviet forces have divided this place.

It is impressive that no bloodshed took place when the Berlin Wall collapsed and when East Germany and West Germany were unified.

There is a description of how East Berlin and West Berlin were divided and isolated, along with photographs showing the times of the times.

The map on the center is the map for Check Point Charlie and the location where the Berlin Wall was standing.

Memories of Berlin Wall, 1961 – 1989

The place with bricks is where the Berlin Wall stood, but now it is all demolished.

Get off at U6 Kochstraße on the Berlin Underground and you can take a picture with tour helper who is wearing American & Soviet costume. Nearby is the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. I didn’t visit but would be there some day.

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