Delicious “GopChang” (Grilled Beef Chitterlings) in Dongdaemun, “WooriGopChang(우리곱창)”

Gopchang (곱창) refers to the small intestines of cow or pig, a traditional Korean dish made of the beef (or pork) chitterlings. Sometimes it is made by soup or grilled with spicy source and vegetables. Among Korean GopChang cookings, “Yachaegopchang(Grilled Beef Chitterlings & vegetables with spicy source, 야채곱창)” is one of my soul food.

This is the best harmony with Korean SoJu (Korean popular liquor), and lots of Korean love it. Its unique taste and oily texture make it a favorite dish for enthusiasts. But it is so expensive and greasy, it is not a frequently eaten menu but sometimes I really want to eat.

Nearby Korean National University of Education Station is one of famous “GopChang” street, but today I want to strongly recommend “GwangJang Market”, which is located nearby  Dongdaemun. There are lots of GopChang restaurant. Among them I often go to one restaurant – “WooriGopChang (우리곱창)”.


There are many inconveniences to come with the child because the GopChang restaurant in this neighborhood are good in taste but the place is old and narrow. On the other hand, the “WooriGopChang(우리곱창)” is relatively large, clean inside the restaurant and comfortable so you can bring your family and children.


In front of the store, you can enjoy the best-looking trimmed chitterlings and enjoy the process of cooking Yachaegopchang.


The prices of  “Yachaegopchang(야채곱창)”, “Yangnyeomgu-i”(Grilled beef chitterlings with spicy source, 양념구이)”, and “Sogeumgu-i”(Salt grilled beef chitterlings, 소금구이)” are each 10,000 won. The price of the neighboring restaurants are the same with one person for 8,000 ~ 10,000 won.


Today we tried to make “Yachaegopchang” and “Sogeumgu-i” together. The spicy sauce has a different flavor every shop, here has a rich spicy flavor that catches the taste of the giblet. My eating style is like this, Put a garlic, chitterlings with source on the sesame leaf and eat it together.

For children who do not like spicy, ordered a “Sogeumgu-i”. In order to eat, it is better to eat “Sogeumgu-i” first, and then eat “YaChaeGopChang” because it is strong with spicy taste.


If you do not have enough, let’s have “Yangnyeomgu-i”. This menu is also recommended if you only want to eat the chitterlings.

Do not forget to eat after eating Chitterlings, let’s order fried rice which is cooked with chitterlings oil left on iron plate. The flavor of Roasted rice is best.


Recently, it is a bit uncomfortable to focus on the unsanitary parts of the chitterlings on TV. The small intestine is an organ where cow and pig’s dung passed. So if it was not cleaned properly, its smell is very bad. Some of bad conscience store served it with not cleaned and trimmed properly.


In the Korean comic book “The Sikgaek”, they explain in detail the process of the chitterlings trimming. It is understandable why chitterlings is expensive because it is very hard work to clean and trim it. Chitterlings is very delicious, but it has high calorie and cholesterol, so I think it is not healthy food. Therefore personally I just eat 1~2 times per month.


TravelotWorld Rate 4.5/5.0 Very delicious with reasonable price.
If you want to eat Korean chitterlings, visit here.
Opening Hours Mon ~ Sat 10:00~02:00
Meal Price 10,000 ~ 20,000 won per person
Parking No Parking In the late evening or holiday, you can park in the nearby Dongdaemun Shopping Mall’s Parking lot
Main Menu Yachaegopchang(야채곱창) 10,000 Won
Yangnyeomgu-i(양념구이) 10,000 Won
Sogeumgu-i(소금구이) 10,000 Won


13,000 Won

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